Places I like to visit around the net and want to share with you, and you can go to my Flickr account and see more there.

  1. Visit this Art:
    1. Dear Photograph
    2. Street Art
    3. Share Some Candy
  2. Do some Good:
    1. Shelter Box
    2. Donors Choose
    3. Service Space
  3. Art, yummy art
    1. Daisy Yellow  (my no. 1 favorite)
    2. My Curious Tea Party
  4. Think about This
    1. Project-Based Homeschooling
    2. Greater Good
  5. Fun Stuff to Watch
    1. The Box Factory: Peace/Love/Hope in a box
    2. Phila. Opera Company flash performance  (because I’m a Philly girl)
    3. Sound of Music flash performance Antwerp, Belgium train station
  6. Down syndrome – Circle 21